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How to Limit the Number of Guests for a Sub-Event?
How to Limit the Number of Guests for a Sub-Event?

Learn more about setting a guest limit for your sub-events to manage attendance.

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Step 1: Create Sub-Event

To create a sub-event, read the related article for guidance.

Step 2: Enable Guest Limit

  1. Open your sub-event settings; a side window will appear.

  2. Turn on the "Guest Limit" toggle.

Note: The Guest Limit feature works only for "Seated ticket" and "Sponsored ticket" types. Make sure your ticket type matches these.

Step 3: Set Guest Limit

  1. Once you've enabled "Guest Limit," a new field titled 'How many guests can attend?' will appear.

  2. Enter the maximum number of guests allowed for the sub-event.

Now your sub-event has a set guest limit. Once this limit is reached, no more registrations can be made for this sub-event.

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