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Setting Up a Domain for Your Site
Setting Up a Domain for Your Site

see step by step instructions on how to change the domain for your Almabase platform

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The Almabase site, when handed over to you will be on the "" domain. As you prep to roll out your first program, Domain setup is an important step to get done.

Here’s how to go about it -

  • Step 1: Enter the Domain Name

    • Go to Settings > Site Settings > Domain Settings

    • Enter the domain on which you want the site to be in the field “Domain name” and Click on "Go to domain setting page"

  • Step 2: Get DNS settings instructions

    • Click on the button “Get DNS records”.

    • An email with the DNS settings to be added to your domain provider will be sent to your inbox. It would be similar to this 👇

    • Additionally you can also check the DNS settings on the same page with the status.

      • Note: Share the instructions or forward the email to your IT team. They will know what changes to make. Loop in, in case they have questions, our team can help.

  • Step 3: Validate Domain settings

    • Once the settings are done and status is updated for all three records, you can validate by clicking “Validate Domain”.

    • If there are any issues with the setup, the DNS won’t be validated, and you will see an error message. Your IT team has to look into settings to see what the error could be. Here are some common errors that come up in the DNS setup.

    • Once validated successfully, the site will be moved to the mentioned domain within 24 hours and you will be notified through email.

  • Step 4: Internal DNS Settings [Optional]

    • If your institution is using internal or on-prem DNS servers, please add the DNS records mentioned under this step for you to be in these DNS settings as well.

  • Step 5: IP Whitelisting

    • Whitelist the following IPs to ensure that the emails are delivered to your internal/network's inboxes -

      • Website:

      • Email:,,,,,

Please feel free to reach out to us in case you are facing any issues or have any questions at all.

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