Note: We have taken GoDaddy, (a domain name provider) as an example in this article.
While the screens are specific to this provider, the steps are more or less going to remain the same for any provider you use.

Step 1:

Log in to your GoDaddy or any DNS provider's account, and head to the Domains option.

Step 2:

Go to the domain on which you want to update the settings and click on "Manage DNS"

Step 3:

In the following screen, you will see all the settings for the domain. Scroll to the bottom and click on Add.

Step 4:

Now here comes the main part of adding the settings -

You might have received a doc from us like this

All you have to do is copy the values from here and add them to records of your domain.

Here's how you can add the values to the CNAME and TXT type records shared on the doc to your domain -

Set up CNAME records

On the "Type" dropdown select "CNAME", and enter the host value as per what is shared in the doc.

Set up TXT records

On the "Type" dropdown select "TXT", and enter the host value as per what is shared in the doc.

Points to note here:

  1. Domain provider by default adds the main domain to the records.
    So do not add the main domain in the "Host" value.
    The host value on the doc may be "" but you have to add only "connect" since "" is added by the host.
    (If you're doing the settings for the domain "", then "" is your main domain.)

  2. Values under "Points To" column should be exactly copied to the settings.
    This is especially for the TXT value. Even if there is a space extra or missing then the settings will not reflect and site the can't be moved from almabase-beta to your domain.

Step 5:

Once the settings are done, you need to verify if they are reflecting correctly. You can check here how to do that.

Step 6:

Once verified reach out to your account manager or There are a few steps to be done from our end to make the site live 😃

Drop an email at if you face any issues or have any questions.

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