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Form Connector: How to Push Data Collected Through a Form to a User Profile?
Form Connector: How to Push Data Collected Through a Form to a User Profile?

Forms connector lets you move updated constituent data you collect through forms to the user profile on Almabase.

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How do I push data collected through form to profile?

Form Connectors helps you push the information that users submit on forms to the profile/record of the user on Almabase.

Please note: Form connectors will work only for the default fields on a user's profile. Default fields are Basic Information, Addresses, Emails, Phone Numbers, URLs, Education, Other Education, Preferences, Affiliations, Interests, Marital Information, and Employment. Currently, form connectors do not support custom fields.

How it works?

Step 1 - Go to the Connectors tab on your forms admin side and click on the + icon to get started.

Note: Please reach out to your Success manager or at if you are not able to find the Connectors tab on your platform.

A pop-up will appear, showing all of the fields that have been added to the form. You can select the field that you want to create a connection for. For this article, let's use the email address field as an example since it is a common field across many forms.

Step 2 - Create a Connection

In this step, you will need to select the email ID field under Connect to form field and map it to a corresponding field on the record under Connect a field on record. For example, you could search for the "email" field. The email address field is part of an entity called "Email," and this will list all of the fields for that entity while mapping the Email ID field on the form to the Email Address field on the profile.

For fields like "Is Login Email" and "Is Primary," you can choose to select a default value (by clicking on the switch icon) or delete it since they are not mandatory. For the "Type" field, click on the switch icon to get the default values from the profile in the dropdown and select a default value.

You can now select the connection rule as either Review before updating or Automatically Replace and click on the Connect button. In this example, I have selected Review before updating, and the Email connection is created.

Step 3 - Push the form data to the record on Almabase

Navigate to the Submissions tab, and you will see "Review data updates" for each mapped submission.

Click on Review data updates to view and push the change to the record on Almabase. The data within the solid line is data on the record, whereas the data present within the dotted line is the data received from the form submission.

In this example, the email ID on the record was, and the email ID collected through the form is Click on the "Add to Record" button to push the email ID data to the profile.

Similarly, you can set up multiple connections for different form fields and push data to the profile automatically or after reviewing it.

If you have any doubts regarding this, feel free to reach out to

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