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Pushing Data from Giving Campaigns to User Profiles
Pushing Data from Giving Campaigns to User Profiles

Learn how to efficiently transfer updated donor information from giving forms to user profiles on Almabase and Raiser's Edge NXT.

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Step 1: Set Up a Connection for Your Giving Campaign

  1. Go to the 'Gift Connections' tab.

  2. Configure how data from your gift forms will flow to profile fields.

  3. Define rules for how new data (Name, Email address, Phone Number, Address) should update the user profile.

Setting Up Email Connection

  1. Select the email section to enter the Edit connection modal.

  2. Choose options for the new email:

    • Type: Decide the email type (e.g., "Personal").

    • Is login email: If true, this email becomes the login for the user's Almabase profile.

    • Is Primary: Set as the primary email if true.

    • Connection Rule: Choose from 'Don't update', 'Review before updating', or 'Automatically push'.

Repeat similar steps for Name, Phone number, and Address fields.

Note: Gifts must be mapped to a record for data flow. Under the 'Gifts' tab, ensure all gifts are mapped.

Step 2: Pushing Data to the User Profile on Almabase

  1. If the connection rule is 'Review before updating', manually review each update.

  2. In the 'Gifts' section, go to the mapping area for each registration.

  3. Review the new and existing data on the donor's record.

  4. Click 'Add to the Record' to update the user's profile with the new data.

Step 3: Syncing New Data to RENXT

  1. New updates on Almabase user profiles are synced to RENXT using the Constituent Sync feature.

  2. Depending on your Sync Rules, data will either automatically push to RENXT or be flagged for review in the Data Inbox.

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