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Pushing Data from Forms to User Profiles Using Form Connectors in Almabase
Pushing Data from Forms to User Profiles Using Form Connectors in Almabase

Learn how to use Form Connectors to update user profiles with data collected through forms on Almabase.

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Form Connectors in Almabase are a useful tool for updating user profiles with information submitted through forms.

This feature ensures that user profiles remain up-to-date with the latest information provided by the users.

Note: Form connectors support both the default fields and custom fields on a user's profile.

The default fields include Basic Information, Addresses, Emails, Phone Numbers, URLs, Education, Other Education, Preferences, Affiliations, Interests, Marital Information, and Employment.

With the new update, Form connectors also support custom fields.

Step 1: Access Connectors Tab

  1. Go to the Connectors tab on your form's admin side.

  2. Click on the "+" icon to start setting up a connector.

    • If you can't find the Connectors tab, contact your Success Manager or

Step 2: Create a Connection

  1. A pop-up will show all fields added to the form. Select the field you want to connect. For this guide, consider the email address field.

  2. In "Connect to form field", select the email ID field.

  3. Map it to a corresponding field on the record under "Connect a field on record". For example, map it to the "Email Address" field on the profile.

    • For fields like "Is Login Email" and "Is Primary", set a default value or omit them if not mandatory.

    • For the "Type" field, select a default value from the profile's dropdown options.

Step 3: Define the Connection Rule and Connect

  1. Choose a connection rule: "Review before updating" or "Automatically Replace".

  2. Click "Connect". In this example, choose "Review before updating".

Step 4: Review and Push Data to Record

  1. Navigate to the "Submissions" tab.

  2. Select "Review data updates" for each mapped submission.

  3. Review the changes. Data within a solid line represents existing record data, while data within a dotted line is from the form submission.

  4. Click "Add to Record" to update the email ID or other data on the profile.

Repeat these steps to set up multiple connections for different form fields. You can choose to push data automatically or after a review, based on your preference.

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