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How to Push Data Collected Through Giving Campaigns to User Profiles
How to Push Data Collected Through Giving Campaigns to User Profiles

Giving connector lets you move updated constituent data from giving forms to the user profile on Almabase and to Raiser's Edge NXT.

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Step 1: Set up a connection for your giving campaign

  • Head to the Gift Connections tab ๐Ÿ‘‡

  • Set up how data on your gift forms will flow to the profile fields.

    • When donating gifts, donors fill in this basic information: Name, Email address, Phone Number, and Address. You can set up some rules on how new data collected for these fields should flow into the user profile of those constituents.

    • Set up connections for these fields to push data to the user profile.

    • Let's take an example of setting the connection between the email field on the giving form and that on the user profile.

      Once you click on the email section, you will be taken to the Edit connection modal for the email field. Here, you can set up the following internal options for the email address as well๐Ÿ‘‡

      • Type: This option lets you choose the email type for the newly acquired email. If you choose "Personal" as the option, the email will be saved on the user profile as the personal email.

      • Is login email: This option adds the email as a login email, and the user would be able to log in to their profile on Almabase using this email address in the future.

      • Is Primary: If set to "True," this option allows you to add the newly collected email address as the primary email for the user.

      • Connection Rule: The connection rule can be set to the following three options ๐Ÿ‘‡

        • Don't update: This is the default option, and any new emails you collect from your giving form will not be pushed to the user profile.

        • Review before updating: Any new emails that you collect from your giving forms will be flagged for review, and you will have to manually approve the changes for them to be pushed to the user profile.

        • Automatically push: All new emails will get automatically pushed to the user profile.

    • Similarly, you can set up connections for the Name, Phone number, and address fields. Here is a video for more details.

      Note - All the gifts must be mapped to a record for the data to be able to flow to the profile of those records. Under the gifts tab, you can find the list of all the gifts and map the ones that are unmapped.

Step 2: Pushing data to the user profile on Almabase

  • If your connection rule is set to Review before updating, you need to review each update.

  • To do this, head to the Gifts section and go to the mapping section for each registration. You'll find the option to Review data updates ๐Ÿ‘‡

  • Here, you'll be shown both the new data collected and the existing data available on the donor's record. You can review the data updates and click the Add to the Record button to push the new data to the user's profile.

Step 3: Syncing the new data to RENXT

  • Any new update on the user profiles on Almabase can be synced to RENXT using the Constituent Sync feature. Since the giving connector updates data on the user profile, the constituent sync system picks this change, and depending on the Sync Rules you have in place, the data is automatically pushed to RENXT or is flagged for review in the Data Inbox.

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