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Overview of the Events Advanced Plan Features
Overview of the Events Advanced Plan Features

Find out more about the suite of sophisticated features to enhance your event management.

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Conditional Sub-Event Visibility

  • Control sub-event access based on ticket selection.

  • Example: Subevent 2 is only visible when Ticket 1 is chosen.

Ticket Option Visibility

  • Display tickets based on the selection of other tickets.

  • Choose visibility conditions under Ticket conditions.

Tax-Exempt Ticket Splitting

  • Allocate portions of a ticket as tax-exempt.

  • Schedule tax receipt emails in the Guest Communication section.

  • Find more information here.

Collect Extra Information per Ticket

Add questions and options during ticket purchase, like meal preferences.

Targeted Email Scheduling

Filter by sub-event or ticket to send tailored emails.

QR Code Check-In for Sub-Events

Utilize the Kiosk feature for QR code-based guest check-ins.

CRM Integration for Sub-Events

  • Sync sub-events separately to Raiser’s Edge NXT.

  • Configure this under Sync and Exports > Event configuration.

Comprehensive Event Reporting

Access detailed reports on tickets, registrations, and check-ins. Refer to this article for more details.

Event Volunteer Admin Role

Assign check-in responsibilities to volunteers.

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