Setting up Sync Configurations for Events

Learn more about how to set up default sync configurations for all your events.

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Step 1: Accessing Sync Configuration

Go to Tools > Events > "Sync Configuration".

Step 2: Setting up sync configurations

There are a few configurations to take note of:

Event Configuration

Decide how to sync your main and sub-events with Raiser's Edge NXT. You have two options:

  1. Sync the main event and sub-events as a single event. This is the default choice.

  2. Sync the main event and sub-events as separate events. This is only available for Events Advanced users.

Pro Tip: Change event names under the "Sync and Exports" tab for each event.

Ticket Configuration

Choose one of five ways to push ticket payments and gifts to RENXT:

  1. Push all payments as one gift.

  2. Push ticket payments and gifts as separate gifts.

  3. Push each ticket payment and gift as individual gifts.

  4. Only sync RSVP status for guests.

  5. Only sync gifts.

To learn more, see the Ticket Configurations article.

Guest Configuration

Decide how to handle accompanying guest info in RENXT:

  1. Sync guests even if there is no constituent record.

  2. Don't sync guests if there is no constituent record.

Participation level (Optional)

Select a participation level for each event registrant on RENXT. If not specified, "Attendee" will be the default value.

Note: Make sure "Attendee" is an option in your RENXT if you leave this field blank.

Other Settings

Check additional settings to fine-tune your sync:

  • Sync RSVP status for guests with pending payments.

  • Sync only new registrations.

Note: Uncheck the second option if you want to sync updates made to already synced registrations.

The sync settings set up here will be the default for all new events. But you can change the settings for each event under the "Sync & Export" tab.

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