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Sending Emails to Event Registrants by Registration Status
Sending Emails to Event Registrants by Registration Status

Learn more about tailoring your email communication to event attendees based on their registration status.

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Step 1: Navigate to Email Setup

  1. Go to the "Guest Communication" section of your Event Setup page.

  2. Select the "+" sign to start creating and scheduling a new email.

Step 2: Choose Recipients by Status

  1. A setup panel will appear on the right side of your screen.

  2. Under "Choose who to send the email to," you can select recipients based on their registration status. Options include:

    1. Guests of the event with pending payment

    2. Guests who checked in for the event

    3. Guests of the event

    4. Guests of the event who are approved

    5. Guests of a specific sub-event

    6. Guests who checked into a specific sub-event

Step 3: Configure Email 

  1. Choose the appropriate guest list.

  2. Make the relevant changes to the sender, time, and content.

Step 4: Confirm Email

  1. Select "Confirm email".

  2. The email status will show under the "Guest Communication" tab. This could be Draft, Scheduled, or Sent.

  3. Once sent, monitor the status of the email.

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