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Getting a Transaction Report for Events
Getting a Transaction Report for Events

Learn how to export a transactions report for particular events or dates for payment reconciliation.

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Step 1: Access the Export Payments Feature

  1. Go to the Admin Navigation menu.

  2. Select 'Events' under Tools.

Step 2: Access the Guest Dashboard

In the Events section, click on the 'Guest Dashboard' tab. This is where you can manage and review event-related data.

Step 3: Apply Filters

On the Guest Dashboard, you can add filters to refine the data you wish to export.

Common filters may include Event Name, RSVP Status, etc. Apply the appropriate filters to narrow down your data set.

Step 4: View Filtered Guests

  1. After applying the filters, scroll down to the Table view of guests. This will display: 

    1. The filtered guest list

    2. All payment-related details

  2. You can also specify a date range for the payments you wish to export. This view will provide you with a snapshot of the selected guest data.

Step 5: Export Payments

  1. Locate the or settings icon in the 'Table View of Guests'.

  2. Click on it to access additional options.

  3. Select 'Export Payments' from the dropdown menu. This action initiates the process of exporting payment data for the filtered guests.

Step 6: Initiate the Export

Once the 'Export Payments' is selected, the download is initiated. You can either

  • Click on 'View Status' on the notification.

  • Download the Payment details file in your email.

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