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Introducing the ability to tag users in a space
Introducing the ability to tag users in a space

We have now introduced a new feature that allows both admins and users to tag other members in posts and comments.

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This feature enables more inclusive and dynamic interactions, allowing members to easily involve others in the conversation. Whether it's a question, a call for input, or simply sharing relevant content, tagging ensures the right people see and participate in the conversation.

We have set up automatic email notifications to make this enhancement more effective. This ensures that tagged members are immediately informed and can engage without delay.

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This enhancement is part of our ongoing commitment to improve user experience and community interaction on Spaces. We believe that making communication more direct and engaging can create a more vibrant and connected community.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can we tag people?

Upon clicking @ while creating a post or commenting on a post, a dropdown of all the users who pass any verification criteria is set for a space. You can continue typing the name of a specific user or select a user from the dropdown to tag them.

Tagging in a post:

Tagging on post

Tagging in comments:

Tagging on comment (1)

Is there a limit to how many people can be tagged?

Both comments and posts have character limits. This character limit limits the ability to tag a user.

What happens when a user unsubscribes to the tagging notification?

Once a user notifies us they no longer wish to receive a notification about being tagged, we also take their name off the list of users someone can tag. Anyone who opts out of the tagging notification also gets opted out of being tagged in a post or comment.

How can I differentiate between 2 users with identical names from the list of users?

Admins can choose to highlight a profile attribute in the list, which appears once a user types @ to begin tagging. This can be done by navigating to the settings of a space, selecting "Member settings," and selecting a field from the "Highlight a profile field" drop-down.

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