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Manage, Search and Organize your Emails Better

Learn how to configure reply-to email address(es) and set an internal name.

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When it comes to email communication, managing bulk emails efficiently is paramount for administrators. The latest update on our platform allows admins to better manage and organize emails, providing them with enhanced control and organization over their inbox. Let's delve into how these new features work.

Updates in this release:

1. Ability to Configure Reply-to Email Addresses

Admins face challenges managing their email inboxes as reply emails surge, causing clutter and disorganization without a configured reply-to email system.

The new feature will now allow setting multiple reply-to email addresses for bulk emails, promising to prevent inbox flooding and streamline communication processes according to the need.

2. Ability to Set up an Internal Name

Admins face challenges in effectively organizing and categorizing emails due to relying on subject lines as email names, making it difficult to adhere to desired conventions.

Now, admins can improve organization by customizing email names, adding internal labels for bulk emails sent from the platform. This customization streamlines workflow and boosts searchability, allowing for quick responses and efficient email management.

πŸ“ Note

  • Admins have the option to edit the internal email name of their bulk emails at any time.

  • The default internal email name aligns with the subject name, but admins can opt for customization.

❓ Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if the reply-to email is not configured?

In the absence of a configured reply-to email, reply messages will default to the sender's inbox unless otherwise specified by the admin.

Can I change the internal email name post the bulk email is sent?

Admin will be able to edit the internal email name of their bulk email at any time.

How do the internal name and reply-to address contribute to email organization?

The internal name helps admins find specific sets of emails in a snap and sets up naming rules for similar emails, making it easier to find and organize emails.

Again, with customizable reply-to email addresses, admins can ramp up their email game, using specific inbox for all email replies.

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