Creating Sub-Events

Learn more about how to set up sub-events, associate tickets, and manage multi-day events.

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Sub-Events help you break down a larger event into smaller, more manageable parts. This is handy when you have events spanning multiple days or multiple activities in a single day.

For instance, an Alumni Dinner during your homecoming could be a Sub-Event with various ticket options such as single, couple, or table tickets.

Note: Sub-Events will show under 'Schedule' in chronological order, even if there are no tickets linked to them.


  • A basic event must be first set up. Find more here.

Step 1: Add a Sub-Event

  1. Click "Add a Sub-Event" in the UI. A screen will appear.

  2. Enter these details:

    1. Sub-Event Name

    2. Description

    3. Date

    4. Start and End Time

    5. Associated Tickets

  3. Select any number of tickets you've created. Mandatory tickets are only for the main event, not Sub-Events. Note: A ticket linked to multiple Sub-Events grants access to each one. Choosing the same ticket for multiple Sub-Events separately isn't an option.

  4. Find and select "Publish" if you want to go live with this Sub-Event. It will appear in 'Schedule' and within the ticket section if applicable.

  5. Click "Save Changes." You've successfully created Sub-Event. To view it, click "View Event."

Step 2: Save the Event

  1. Click "Save Changes" to finalize your event setup.

  2. Find and turn on the "Publish Event" toggle.

    1. This will make your event visible on the platform.

    2. The "Accept Registration" toggle will appear next. Turn it on to open registration for the event.

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