Sub Events lets you organize and group your event into smaller events. This is especially useful if your events run for more than a day. 

For example, if there's an Alumni Dinner during your homecoming - you could create this as a sub-event with different tickets say for one person, a table, a couple etc.

With Sub Events, you can organize multi-day events or single day events with multiple activities and then set up ticket(s) for your sub event.

NOTE: We'll list the sub-event under 'Schedule' chronologically regardless of whether there are tickets associated with a Sub-Event.

To set up a Sub Event within an event, first create a basic event, and then proceed with the steps below:

Step 1: Add a Sub Event

 Click on Add a sub event. In the screen that appears enter the following details:

  • Sub Event Name

  • Description

  • Date

  • Start and End time

  • Associated Tickets:
    Here, you can select any number of tickets you created except for mandatory tickets which are available only at an event level(not sub event level)

NOTE: Once a ticket is linked to a sub event, it cannot be linked an another one.

  • Publish - Turn this toggle off if you want to save this Sub Event as a draft. If you hit publish, it will appear on your event listing under Schedule, and within tickets (if any).

Hit Save Changes once you are done. A sub-event will be successfully created. You can click on View Event  to see how it looks. 

You can list as many Sub-Events as you wish. Think of this as your 'Schedule'.

Step 2: Save the Event

And finally, hit Save Changes.

Turn the Publish Event toggle on to make the event visible on the platform.
Only after you turn it on, the toggle Accept Registration will be visible.
Turn it on to allow users to register for the event.

Congratulations! you have successfully created your event.

Here's how the flow will look like for a user -

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