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Creating Event Tickets

Learn more about how to set up various tickets for your events on the platform.

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Step 1: Navigate to Ticket Option

  1. Go to the event settings page.

  2. Select "Add a ticket".

Step 2: Fill Basic Details

  1. Enter the Ticket Name.

  2. Provide a Ticket Description - any details about the ticket your guests should know.

  3. Input the Sale Price.

Note: Under the Events Pro plan, you can split the ticket amount into taxable and non-taxable components.

Step 3: Choose Ticket Type

  1. Decide the type of ticket you wish to create.

  2. For more details on different ticket types, click here.

Step 4: Configure Ticket Limits

  1. Specify the number of guests each ticket admits.

  2. Set the maximum number of tickets per user (email address).

  3. Schedule the ticket sale start and end dates.

  4. Limit the maximum number of tickets available.

Step 5: Add Ticket Options (Events Pro Plan only)

Add questions and options for ticket buyers (e.g. "What type of meal do you prefer" "Veg/ Non-veg, Vegan").

Step 6: Upload Ticket Image

Add an image to enhance the ticket's appearance. Recommended image dimensions are 200px x 200px.

Step 7: Set Ticket Conditions (Events Pro Plan only)

Choose who can select this ticket: All Guests or Only Guests who have another specific ticket.

Step 8: Assign a Fund

Designate a fund to sync the ticket with the same fund in RE during Event sync.

Step 9: Publish the Ticket

  1. Use the Publish Toggle to set the ticket as a draft or make it publicly available.

  2. Test it by hitting the 'View on platform' option at the top of the event page.

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