There are two parts to connect your Stripe payment account with Almabase.

  • Obtaining the publishable and secret keys from the Stripe dashboard.

  • Connecting the Stripe to Almabase with the keys obtained.

Part 1 - Obtaining the publishable and secret keys from your Stripe dashboard

Step 1:

Login in to your Stripe Dashboard and ensure you've selected the correct account and the "view test mode" is toggled off.

Step 2:

Click on the Developers option and select API keys.

Step 3:

When you click on API keys, the following screen will appear πŸ‘‡

Copy the Publishable Key and click on the "reveal live key" to obtain the Secret Key. Save these keys to use them later. πŸ‘

πŸ“ When clicked on the "Reveal live key" for the secret key, you'll be prompted to enter your stripe credentials as a verification process.

Part 2 - Connect your Stripe account to Almabase with the keys obtained.

Step 1:

After obtaining the above keys, search for Payments on the Almabase admin panel and click on the "+ Add Almapay Payment Account" button.

Step 2:

Fill in the necessary details as shown in the screenshot below πŸ‘‡

Enter the keys obtained in the metadata box in the following format

"publishable_key": "pk_live_REJNF35029595asfksdbf",
"secret_key": "sk_live_szfRJKBFe79483HKeetyt"

After entering the keys obtained, check the "Active" box and hit on Save.

This completes the Stripe Setup process πŸ‘ You can go ahead and start processing payments on Almabase. πŸ˜„

Few pointers that highlight why Stripe stands out and why we usually recommend Stripe for online payment processing

  • Stripe supports monthly recurring payments.

  • Stripe comes with Google Pay and Apple Pay options - so if you’re on your phone or computer with these options enabled, users can finish donating in seconds. This really helps in improving the overall giving experience and hence the campaign's success.

  • Stripe’s infrastructure is straightforward and easier to build upon - so any further upgrades to Almabase payment workflows (Say, refunds for example) would be built on stripe first before we start working on the other payment providers.

  • User Experience - stripe opens a popup on the same screen, within your website itself i.e. users can complete the process without leaving the page - with others, it redirects to a different webpage to complete the payment.

  • You can check their pricing here.

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