To set up a Stripe Payment Account on Almabase, you need 2 keys -

  1. Publishable Key

  2. Secret Key

You can retrieve these from your Stripe dashboard.

Step 1:

Go to your stripe dashboard on 

Verify that you have selected the right account and that the 'view test data' toggle is OFF.

Step 2:

1. Navigate to Developers > API keys.

In the following screen you will see 2 keys Publishable Key and Secret key under Standard Keys section.

2. Copy the Publishable Key and for secret key click on Reveal live key token.

3. You'll be asked to enter the stripe credentials again and then the secret key will be revealed. Copy the secret key.

Step 3: Once you have these details, go to Payment Accounts in the admin panel. Here, click on Add Almapay Payment account.

Step 4: Select the account type as Stripe, and enter a name for the account.

Enter the key details in the Metadata field in the following format:

  "publishable_key": "pk_live_REJNF35029595asfksdbf",
  "secret_key": "sk_live_szfRJKBFe79483HKeetyt"

After this, check the Active checkbox.

This completes the Stripe setup. Great Job!

Write to us at in case of any queries.

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