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Publishing Your Form

Learn more about the different ways to share your form and engage with alumni.

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Once your form is ready, it's time to publish and gather responses. Here are popular methods:

  1. Social Media — Increase visibility by sharing the form's URL on your school's accounts.

  2. Email Campaigns — Send the form URL to targeted alumni groups via email.

  3. Almabase Homepage — Add the form to your Almabase homepage for easy access.

  4. External Website — Integrate the form URL into your school's main site or other platforms.

Sharing on Social Media

Increase awareness among alumni about surveys or events by sharing your form on the school's social media channels.

Utilize the "Share Form" button to get a trackable link that you can copy and share. Our system will automatically generate URLs with UTM parameters for engagement tracking which you can then track in Google Analytics.

Emailing to Specific Alumni Groups

Create and send targeted emails to various email groups with the form URL attached. Ensure to include UTM parameters in the link to monitor engagement levels.

Embedding on the Almabase Homepage

For immediate visibility, embed the form directly on your Almabase homepage. This can be done by adding the form URL to your homepage's header and footer section.

Linking on an External Website

Extend your reach by linking the form on your school’s external website. Coordinate with your IT team to integrate the form link appropriately.

For any queries or suggestions, reach out to us at through the chat bubble 💬 if you have any questions. 😄

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