Publishing Your Form

Various channels you can publish your form to receive submissions from your Alumni.

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Once you've created the form, the next step is to publish it to receive submissions.

There are multiple channels an admin can publish a form to; some of the commonly used ones are:

  1. Sharing it on Social Media

  2. Attaching the Form URL to the email communication sent

  3. On the Almabase homepage screen

  4. Adding it to an external website

Sharing it on Social Media

Posting it on your schools' social media handles increases your alumni's awareness that the school is conducting a survey or planning for an upcoming Alumni event.

Share your form on social media, click on the "Share Form" button and copy the form's URL; all you have to do now is add that to your schools' social media handles.

Our system automatically generates URLs with UTM parameters for engagement tracking. You can track this engagement on Google Analytics.

Attaching the Form to email communication sent

After you've decided the target audience (younger or older alumni, specific class groups) for a particular campaign or a survey, all you'll have to do now is create an email group and compose an email attached with the Forms URL.

We'd recommend you attach a URL with UTM parameters as this will help track the form engagement.

Adding it to your Almabase homepage screen

Since making sure your Alumni are aware of the survey conducted. You could also attach the form to the header on your homepage screen. Follow this article on editing the header and footer on the homepage to attach your Form URL to it.

Adding the form to an external website

Like attaching it on the Almabase homepage, you could also copy the form URL and link it to your schools' website or any other external platform. We would suggest you reach out to your IT team for this option.

The above mentioned are some of the channels we suggest/observed our partner schools/colleges publishing their forms for Alumni awareness.

Reach out to us at or through the Intercom Chat bubble if you follow a different approach. We'll be happy to add that to this list. πŸ˜„

For any queries or suggestions, reach out to us at through the chat bubble πŸ’¬ if you have any questions. πŸ˜„

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