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How to Update the Email Addresses on a Record?

Learn how to add and delete email addresses for a record.

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Step 1: Adding multiple email addresses

  1. Start by accessing the profile of the record for which you want to add email addresses.

  2. Click on "Add another email"

  3. Assign a type to each email address by filling the "Email Type" option

  4. Select the "Mark this as my primary email" box to choose the primary email address

Step 2: Editing or Deleting an Email Address

  1. While you can add and delete email addresses for a record, it's important to note that email addresses cannot be edited once saved.

  2. To edit an email address, you must first delete it. Select the email address you want to change and choose the option to delete it.

  3. After deleting, follow the steps in Step 1 to add the updated email address.

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