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FAQs on Engagement Report
FAQs on Engagement Report

Commonly Asked Questions on Engagement Report

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Can I add multiple labels to a touchpoint?

Yes. You can select multiple categories at a time while selecting a category for a touchpoint.

Can I add an activity that happens outside of Almabase?

Yes, you can add any custom activities to the engagement report, and not just the ones that take place on the Almabase platform.

Do I need to label a touchpoint every time something happens?

Based on the significance of a touchpoint to your programming plans you can choose whether or not to categorize a touchpoint.

Note: The activities that you categorize, will appear in the Report tab of the Engagement Report, which will further help you visualize and analyze what category of engagement activity gained the most traction.

I have many different events for different purposes, can I label the touchpoints independently?

Yes. Each touchpoint can be labeled independently. A webinar event can be categorized as "Educational" while a reunion can be "Experiential".

Do I have to categorize/label all the touchpoints that are listed?

No. You don't have to categorize everything that is listed.

Some of the activities are from the past which may not be too relevant to categorize now.

Filter out the activities that fall in a certain time period, and categorize only those.

I do not want certain activities to be listed on the engagement report, like Form submission for events, and campaigns. How do I do that?

Form submissions for events and giving campaigns are not listed on the engagement report as touchpoints. They are clubbed with events and giving related touchpoints.

As for not listing any other touchpoints, that's not possible.

All the touchpoints for Events, Forms, Giving, Emails and Directory will be listed by default.

I am unable to figure out what labels/categories to put for the touchpoints. Do you have any tips?

Reach out to your account manager for any help with categorizing the touchpoints.

You can also drop a message at Almabase Help. We will connect you with your account manager.

I want to add touchpoints for when someone interacts with the platform like - Clicks on a page, news article, job posting, etc.

We are continuously working on adding more default touchpoints to be tracked in this report. These touchpoints will be added too, to the report soon.

Do email us to share any thoughts or suggestions you have.

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