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Categorizing Engagement Touchpoints
Categorizing Engagement Touchpoints

see how to categorise the touchpoints, and how to create your own categories

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The engagement report brings in all the touchpoints across your organization into a single feed. Based on what is valuable to your alumni and what matters to your organization, you should be categorizing these touchpoints.

How to categorize?

Step 1:

  • Click on the "+" icon beside the touchpoint.

Step 2:

  • You can either select one or more among the default categories or add your own by clicking on the "+" icon on the following screen.

How do I know what categories to add?

CASE recommends that engagement is categorized into 4 buckets:
1. Experiential
2. Voluntary
3. Philanthropic
4. Communication

You can visit the CASE whitepaper for more details on how these categories are defined.

While these defaults are available on your engagement report, you don't have to limit yourself to using these categories.

You can label engagement touchpoints in any manner that makes sense for your organization, like Webinars, Continuous Education, Campus Activity, and more.

Remember to create categories that help you identify what meaningful engagement is for your mission.

A few tips

To start off, you can use the 4 CASE-recommended categories to label the touchpoints.

  • You can categorize the event-related touchpoints like Webinars and other online events as "Experiential."

  • Categorize the Giving campaign-related touchpoints as "Philanthropic."

  • Email-related touchpoints can be tagged as "Communication."

  • Form submissions can be categorized based on the purpose of the form.

What next?

Over time, once you have categorized the touchpoints, you can visualize the engagement categories-wise under the Reports tab.

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