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Enhancing Engagement Reporting with Default Categories and Weightages in Touchpoints
Enhancing Engagement Reporting with Default Categories and Weightages in Touchpoints

Learn how to automate and refine your engagement reporting process with predefined categories and weightages in touchpoints.

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Touchpoints are crucial for Engagement Reports. To streamline the process of categorizing touchpoints, we've introduced default categories and weightages for each touchpoint, based on CASE's recommended engagement categories:

  • Experiential

  • Philanthropic

  • Voluntary

  • Communication

Refer to CASE Whitepaper 2018 for detailed definitions.

You're not limited to these categories; feel free to add custom ones like Webinars, Alumni Connect, Campus Activity, etc.

Here’s a snapshot of the default settings:


Default Categories

Default Weightage points

Made a gift

Philanthropic, Experiential


Uploaded Tribute Image



Send 1 to 1 email



Registered for event



Clicked a link in a bulk email



Why Add Weightage?

  • Weightages highlight the importance of different activities.

  • Touchpoints with higher weightages appear at the top of the Engagement Report and Daily Digest emails to site admins.

Customizing Weightages

  • Adjusting Default Weightages:

    1. Go to the Customize tab on the Engagement Report

    2. Select the program and touchpoint.

    3. Modify the weightage as needed. Adjusting these values affects all past touchpoints.

  • Overriding at Program Level: Since engagement varies by program type, it’s essential to adjust weightages accordingly.

    • For instance, in-person event registrations may deserve higher weightage than online events.

    • Override these values from the Touchpoints tab, and they’ll apply to past and future touchpoints.

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