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How to Collect Pending Payment for an Event 
How to Collect Pending Payment for an Event 

See how to ask the guests who need to complete the payment for an event to pay the outstanding amount online

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At times the admin might add guests to an event and want to collect the payment later. These guests are listed under the Pending Payment tab on the Guest Manager. 👇

How to ask the guests to complete the payment for the event?

Guests can complete the payment by clicking on the Pay outstanding amount button on the event registration confirmation email.

There are 2 ways to get this confirmation email —

Option 1: Ask the guest to enter their name and email on the event page

Ask the guest to click on the Register button on the event page and enter the name, email, and other details on the following screen.

📝 Note: The email address should be the same as the one used to register for the event.

Once the details are entered, they will see a pop-up similar to below. Ask to click on the "Send Email" button, to receive the confirmation email.

By clicking on the "Pay outstanding Amount" button on that email they can complete the payment.

Option 2: Event manager/admin triggers the confirmation email

The event manager/admin can trigger the confirmation email from the Guest Manager tab. Here's how 👇

The guest will receive the confirmation email (as mentioned in option 1).

Please write to us at or through the chat bubble 💬 if you have any questions. 😄

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