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How to Create an Events Directory?
How to Create an Events Directory?

Create a directory for private, philanthropic, reunion, past/upcoming events.

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Directories enable you to create an event-specific directory to list the reunion, charity, webinars, past/upcoming, and private events. Events directories make it easier for the users to search & sort specific types of events and allow the admins to share one URL for all upcoming events.

How to create an Events Directory?

Step 1:

Go to Tools > Directories from the admin panel.

Step 2:

Click on the "+" sign and select "Event Directory" from the dropdown option.

Step 3:

Set up a "Criteria" for the Directory

On the following page, click on the "Publish Criteria" button and set up criteria for your events Directory.

After you've set up the criteria, make changes under the "Privacy" & "Other" settings section as per your preference and hit on Save Changes, and your event Directory is ready to go πŸ‘

Types & Functionality of Publish Criteria

There are three types of Publish Criteria available.

  • Is Published

  • Event Tags

  • Published On

Is Published

Using these criteria, you can create a directory of all the published and unpublished events on the platform.

For example - selecting "Is Published" contains "Yes," which means only the events published to the users are displayed on the Directory.

Event Tags

You can use this criteria to list the events with a specific event tag. You can tag an event under the "Other Settings" on the events setting page.

For Example - You can create a Directory with all the upcoming reunion events by tagging the event as "reunion."

Published On

A date range can be specified in this criteria. After that. the directory will then list all the events (upcoming/past) within the specified date range

Best Practices

Create an event directory for a cause and list it on the navigation bar.

View and analyze how well your event directory is engaging users

Once the directory starts getting traction, you can view engagement activities under the Reports tab.

Add Tags to all your events.

Adding event tags helps you create an event directory for a specific cause within a few clicks. For example a list of all the reunion events πŸ‘‡

Please write to us at or through the Intercom Chat bubble πŸ’¬ for any questions. πŸ˜„

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