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Upgrading Resources and Newsletter/Magazines to Directories
Upgrading Resources and Newsletter/Magazines to Directories

Know about the upgrade of the Resources and Newsletter/Magazines feature to Directories on Almabase

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Newsletter/Magazines and Resources are being upgraded to Directories on December 2nd 2022.

Here you will see all the information you need about this upgrade.

The upgrade aims to enhance the user experience and, more importantly, enable admins to track if their alumni are viewing these newsletters or downloading the resources.

Why move to Directories?

  • More flexibility and control over the content being published: With Directories, you have complete hold over the β€”

    1. Kind of information being shown

    2. Adding filters and sort options for ease of access,

    3. Publishing the content on any website

  • Maintain privacy/secured access: Allow access only to the relevant constituents.

  • Be able to measure engagement for the published content: Monitor how people are engaging with the content - searching, clicking, sharing, etc.

What is changing?

For Users

This is what Resources and Magazines used to look like πŸ‘‡

This is what it will look like with Directories πŸ‘‡

Apart from a more interactive page and a much better-looking arrangement to select from, users can

  • View details: Click on the submissions to view more details and download the magazine/newsletter.

  • Quick Search and lookup:

    • Search for a specific issue or resource using the Search bar.

    • Use the filters and sort options to narrow down to specific newsletters.

  • Share on social media: Users can share the file by clicking on the share button at the top of the display modal.

For Admins

While Resources and Newsletter/Magazines allow admins to only edit a few options like Name, Description, and Access type (limiting access to specific user affiliation).

With the upgrade to Directories, the admin side of these features will look like πŸ‘‡

Admins can do a lot more through Directories like β€”

  • Change Form settings: You can add any number or any type of field to the newsletter or resources directory just by editing the form linked to the directory.

  • Edit Display settings: Based on the changes you do to the form, you add any of those fields to the display modal of the Newsletter/Magazines.

  • Filtering and Sorting: Edit the filters and sort options available for users on the Newsletter page.

  • Measure Engagement: View engagement on the Newsletter page and can choose to allow click tracking on specific fields ( for example, if admins would like to know how many users downloaded the newsletter).

  • Publish it anywhere: You can publish the Newsletter on the Almabase platform or on your school's website.

There is a lot more to Directories. You can learn about them here.

Please write to us at or through the Chat Bubble πŸ’¬ if you have any queries or concerns on migrating Newsletter/Magazine to the directories feature.

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