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Adding Discounts on Events

Learn more about how admins can create discounts for an event and how guests can use them.

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Have an event with tickets? Use the discount feature to further entice guests to buy more tickets or reward specific groups like students or staff to attend the event.

Step 1: Add a Discount to Your Ticket

  1. Ensure a ticket is already added to your event. You can do this from the "Tickets" section on your event setting page.

  2. In the "Discounts" section, select "Add a discount".

  3. Choose the settings that fit your needs.

Step 2: Edit the Discount Settings

  1. In the pop-up window, adjust the settings for your discount.

  2. Select the ticket or tickets where the discount applies from the "Apply discount on" section.

  3. Remember, you can apply the discount on either the total cart value or on a specific ticket.

​Step 3: Publish the Discount

  1. After setting up the discount, turn on the "Publish Discount" toggle.

  2. Also, activate the "Publish" toggle.

  3. Save your changes.

  4. Note: To share the discount privately with certain guests, toggle off "Publish Discount".

​Discount Setting

When adding a discount, you'll see various options:

Basic Settings

  • Discount code: Add a recognizable name for the discount.

  • How much is to be discounted?: Choose a fixed amount or a percentage discount. Select between $ or % using the icon.

  • Apply Discount on: Decide if the discount applies to the total cart value or specific tickets.

Discount Eligibility

Set who can use the discount:

  • Based on membership: Limit the discount to guests with certain memberships.

  • Based on cart value: Set a minimum cart value for eligibility.

  • Based on role: Tailor the discount for specific guest affiliations, like students or staff.

Applying a Discount When Purchasing a Ticket (For Guests)

  1. After selecting tickets, go to "View cart".

  2. Select "Add discount" to see available discounts.

  3. From the pop-up, choose a discount and select "Apply Discount".

  4. Note: Discounts not applicable will appear greyed out.

  5. The discount will be reflected in the total cart value.

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