Creating an event with a ticket can go one step further by adding a discount to the tickets for your event. The discount feature can be used to persuade guests to buy more tickets or even reward specific groups like students or staff trying to attend the

Let's take a look at how you can add a discount to an event and the different options/eligibility criteria available for admins to work with 👇

Adding a Discount

To add a discount to your event, make sure a ticket is added. You can add a ticket from the "tickets" section on your event setting page.

Step - 1: Add a discount to your ticket.

From the "Discounts" section, select "add a discount" and choose the appropriate settings.

Step - 2: Edit the discount settings

On the side window that pops up, select the appropriate settings for the Discount and choose the ticket on which the Discount can be applied from the "apply discount on" section.

NOTE: You can apply the Discount on either the total cart value or on a specific ticket that you've added for the event.

Step - 3: Publish the Discount

Once discount settings are selected as per requirement, toggle on both "Publish Discount" and the "Publish" toggle and Save changes.

NOTE: You can toggle off "Publish Discount" if you want to share the Discount privately with certain guests.

Discount Setting

When you add a discount, a side window pops up where you can edit the discount settings. These are the various edit options available for admins.

Basic Settings

  • Discount code: Here, you can add a name for the Discount that users can identify.

  • How much is to be discounted? : You can either choose to discount a fixed amount in $ dollar or choose a percentage discount on the value of the ticket. (Click on the $ icon to choose between a percentage discount and a fixed value discount.)

    NOTE: When setting up a $ dollar discount, a flat discount of that amount is given on the total value. Adding a % discount will mean that the discount value will vary based on the value of the selected tickets. (As the total number of tickets increases, the value of the Discount also increases)

  • Apply Discount on: Here, you can choose to apply the Discount on the total cart value or add the Discount to specific tickets.

Discount Eligibility

This setting allows you to enable the Discount for specific groups.

  • Based on membership: Here, you can edit the Discount such that it can be availed only by guests with a specific membership plan.

  • Based on cart value: By entering a value here, guests who have a cart value equal to or greater than the amount entered into this field can avail of the Discount.

  • Based on role: Here, you can choose to allow the Discount for a specific type of guest affiliation. (This edit comes in handy if you'd like to create a discount specifically for students and staff)

Applying a discount when purchasing a ticket (For guests)

Once guests select the number of tickets and add them to the cart,

  • Click on "View cart" and select "Add discount" to view the discounts available.

  • From the pop-up that appears, select the Discount and click on "Apply Discount" to apply the Discount to your ticket.

    NOTE: Guests that are not eligible for a specific discount will see the Discount as greyed out.

  • Once the Discount is applied, the discounted value will be reflected on the total cart value.

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