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Editing event payments before syncing to Raiser's Edge
Editing event payments before syncing to Raiser's Edge

See how to review, manage, and update gifts(event payments) from the Almabase payment batch before pushing them to Raiser's Edge.

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Before an event-related payment, such as a fee or donation, is pushed to Raiser's Edge, it is added to a payment batch on Almabase.

Just like how you manage/update gifts in batches on RE before approving, you can manage/update these gifts on the Almabase Payment batch before syncing them to Raiser's Edge. Let's go through the options one by one.

  1. Editing Individually

    When editing gifts individually, you can set the following gift fields.

    1. Default fields

      • You can set up the below default fields before pushing these gifts to Raiser's Edge.

        • Appeal

        • Package

        • Campaign

        • Gift Type

        • Gift Sub-type

        • Payment method

        • Recipient Status

        • Post Status

        • Acknowledgment Status

      • The value you select here will show up on the gift once synced.

    2. Custom fields

      • The custom attributes configured on Raiser's Edge will appear under this tab.

      • Search and add the required value to these attributes and sync. Once synced, the value you select here will appear on the gift.

    3. Soft credits

      • If the toggle is OFF, then the soft credit rule set by default will be applied. Note: Setting up default soft credit on Raiser's Edge

      • If the toggle is ON, then you will see the option to allocate the soft credit.

      • You will see the option to select the constituents you want to give credit to and also manually add the amount.

      • If you add more than one constituent, you can also choose to give credit for the entire amount or split among the multiple constituents equally.

  2. Edit in Bulk

    • Click on the Update gifts button to edit all the gifts within a batch at once.

    • Except for Soft credits, the rest of the fields—default, and custom—can be edited the same way as individually.

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