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Syncing Recurring Gifts to Raiser's Edge
Syncing Recurring Gifts to Raiser's Edge

Understand the process of pushing recurring gifts to Raiser's Edge for Stripe and BBMS payment gateways.

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The synchronization of recurring gifts to Raiser's Edge (RE) varies based on the payment gateway used. Here's how it works for Stripe and BBMS:

Stripe Payment Gateway:

  • The process for syncing recurring gifts is similar to one-time gift syncing.

  • You have the option to create a common list for both one-time and recurring gifts or handle them separately.

  • Recurring gifts are identifiable by the gift type in RE.

  • For each subsequent recurring gift payment, repeat the syncing process by creating a new gift list.

BBMS Payment Gateway:

  • Recurring gifts via BBMS are automatically synced to RE by Almabase, requiring no manual intervention.

  • Key Conditions:

    1. Constituent Mapping: Ensure all recurring gifts are mapped to a constituent before the next payment. Unmapped gifts may lead to failed payments.

    2. External Database ID: The mapped constituent in Almabase should have a System Record ID matching RE.

    3. Fund External Database ID: Funds in the campaign should have a valid External Database ID.

  • Process:

    • Step 1: Almabase creates a recurring gift placeholder in RE.

    • Step 2: A batch is created for the first recurring gift payment.

    • Step 3: The first payment reflects in RE once the batch is approved.

    • Step 4: For subsequent payments, RE automatically creates and processes batches.

Note: Almabase sends reminder emails for unmapped gifts or gifts without a constituent to specified email addresses.

Please write to us at or through the Intercom Chat 💬 if you have any queries or concerns😄.

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