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Events Advanced: Splitting Tickets for Tax Exemption
Events Advanced: Splitting Tickets for Tax Exemption

Learn how the ticket splitting feature can help you offer tax-exempt gift portions to your registrants.

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Events Advanced allows you to divide tickets into a tax-exempt "gift" portion and a taxable "benefit" portion. After the event, registrants receive a tax receipt email for the gift amount.

For example, you can create a $100 dinner ticket and split it into a $70 gift amount and a $30 benefit for dinner. After the event, a tax receipt for the $70 gift amount is emailed to the registrant.

Setting Up Ticket Splitting

  1. While creating your ticket, check the box to set a tax-exempt portion.

  2. You'll then have the option to enter the receipt amount, which is the tax-exempt part. Registrants will receive a tax receipt email for this amount.

Configuring Tax Receipt Email

In the Guest Communication section:

  • Schedule when the Tax Deductible Receipt email will be sent to guests.

  • Edit the email content in the "Edit Email Content" field, but do not modify text within curly brackets {{ }} as this pulls specific registration data.

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