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How to Apply for Jobs and Internships on the Job Board?
How to Apply for Jobs and Internships on the Job Board?

Learn how to navigate and apply for opportunities on the job board effectively.

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Step 1: Access the Job or Internship Board

  1. Go to the Home Page of the job board website.

  2. Select the relevant option from the 'Header menu' to open either the Job Board or the Internship Board.

Step 2: Search and Filter Job or Internship Postings

  1. Once on the board, view all the job and internship postings.

  2. Use the 'Search' and 'Filter' options to narrow down the opportunities based on your preferences or requirements.

Step 3: Select a Job or Internship Post

  1. Click on the job or internship post that interests you.

  2. This action will expand the post to show all the details provided by the employer or organization.

Step 4: Find and Use the Application Link

  1. Scroll through the post details to find the 'Link to Apply'.

  2. Note that the link may direct you to an external website or an internal form for applicant submissions.

  3. Read all the information carefully to ensure a successful application process.

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