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How to Remove a Job Listing from the Job Board Directory?
How to Remove a Job Listing from the Job Board Directory?

This article shows the steps to remove a Job Board or Internship Board listing

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You can follow these steps to remove a listing from the Job or Internship board.

Step 1: Check the Publish Criteria

Under directory settings, check the Publish Criteria. This will tell us what we need to do to unpublish the submission. For example, below, the Publish Criteria is Job StatusContains ➡ "Accepting."

This means that only jobs with the job status "Accepting" will be published in the Directory.

To unlist a job, you need to change the job status in the job form submission to something other than "Accepting." (For example, "Not Accepting" or "Inactive.")

Step 2: Make the Change on Form Submission

  • Under directory settings, click on Manage Form. This redirects to the form used for submitting Job opportunities.

  • In the form, click on the Submission tab and go to the submission that you wish to unlist.

  • Click on View DetailsEdit this entry and edit the field Job Status to anything other than Accepting and more appropriate, for example, No More Accepting.

  • Click on Update

This will unlist the posting from the Job Board.

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