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Understanding Ticket Configuration for Events Sync
Understanding Ticket Configuration for Events Sync

Learn how events sync pushes data to Raiser's Edge based on each ticket configuration.

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Understanding how event registrations on Almabase are pushed to RENXT can be made clear with an example.

A registration from an event shows a total amount of $129. This can be broken down as:

  • Ticket 1 - $10

  • Ticket 2 - $19

  • Library gift ticket - $100

Breakdown of the different ticket configurations

All payments (tickets and gifts) are pushed as one gift

Under the 'Payment' section, all the ticket components are added to one.

  • Adding it up to $129.

  • If the tickets and donations are associated with different funds, a gift split will be created.

Ticket payments and Gifts are pushed as separate gifts

Tickets fees and donations are added as two different gifts:

  • One for the total of both tickets.

  • Another for donation.

Each ticket payment and gift are pushed as individual gifts

  • Each ticket fee and donation are added as separate gifts.

  • In the example, two tickets and a donation become three gifts in RENXT.

Only RSVP status for guests

  • Only the RSVP status of those who registered will be sent.

  • Payment details are not synced to RENXT.

Only gifts (via gift tickets) are pushed

  • This ignores ticket fees.

  • Only the payments received as donations are sent to RENXT.

  • So, the $100 donation is sent, not the total $129.

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