As the guests registering for an event increase in number, it becomes difficult to keep a track of various details related to them, like, accompanying guests, ticket details, contact info, payment info, responses (May Attend, Not Going), etc.

The Guest Manager tab under the Events section is assuredly a one-stop place for you to manage the guest details effortlessly.

The guest manager provides -

  1.  All the information you need to know about a guest's registration.

  2. Various actions you can take based on the information you got. (eg: Record a refund or payment, add a new guest, etc.)


You can see the list of guests who have registered, along with any accompanying guests. Each row on the guest manager is a guest you should be expecting at the event. 

If you would like to record engagement data (eg: attending this event, paid for an event, checked-in to an event) for a guest, make sure that the guest has been mapped successfully to a record on your database. Almabase automatically maps guests to appropriate records using the email they used during their registration. However, in the event that a guest is not mapped, you can manually map it to the right record on Almabase. Here's what they look like:

If your platform utilizes memberships, the membership plan that the guest is on is also displayed next to the mapped record details guest is a paid member of your organization, you will also see their membership plan displayed next to it like shown.

The bottom bar helps you access different filter options based on registration status and the record mapping status. 

  • Event Registration Status (like Pending Payment and Checked-In)

  • Responses (like Might Attend, Not Attending)

  • Mapped or Unmapped

1. Actions

Using these filters, and other information on the guest you can decide what further actions to take, like sending an email, updating registration details, etc.

Here's how - 

2. Search and Email Guests

You can search the guest lists based on name and also, send emails to the attending guests.

In addition to sending emails to the registered guests, you can now send emails to guests with "Pending Payment" and to the guests who have "Checked-In".

Go to the respective tabs at the bottom and you will see an option to email them.

3. View, Edit, and Add Guest Details

  • View and Edit Guest Details

    On a Laptop/ Desktop
    Click on View Details button, which appears when you hover on a guest on the list.

In the sidebar that appears you can view registration details of the guest.
There are different actions you can take from here - 

  1. Edit Registration details,

  2. Resend the confirmation email, 

  3. View payment details, and many more.

On a mobile device
Tap on the space beside the guest's name, and you can view/edit registration details of the guest and take necessary action.

  • Add Guests

Click on the "+" icon on the bottom of the Guest Manager page. 

Once you click on it you will be redirected to events landing page, where you will be asked to register as any other guest would.

4. Check-In

On a Laptop/Desktop

  • Just click on Check In button, which appears when you hover on a guest in the list, to check in a guest.

On a Mobile Device

  • Right swipe on the guest's name to check-in a guest.
    Same action to cancel check-in for a guest

5. Mapping the guest data to a profile on your database

Click on Unmapped button below the guest name (on a mobile device - tap on Unmapped)

On the pop up that appears to search for the profile, you want to map the guest to and click on it.

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