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Create the Event and Setup Basic Details
Create the Event and Setup Basic Details

see how to get started with creating an event, and adding details like name, venue, dates, description, logo, and other images.

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Step 1: Create the event page

On the following modal, Click on the + icon to create a new event and fill in the name of your Event πŸ‘‡

Step 2: Enter Basic Settings

Under basic settings, enter the following details for the Event.

  • Event Name

  • Event Venue (Location, URL, or Zoom Webinar)

  • Event Start and End Date & Start and End Time.

  • Time Zone

If the Event is for a specific community group, select the group in the field. Show this Event only within certain communities; otherwise, leave the field blank.

​NOTE: You can also maintain exclusivity for a particular event. Follow this article on Privacy Control for detailed information.

Step 3: Add Description & Images

Once the basic details are entered, the next step is to add information about the Event under the Description field; here, you can give the user more information about the Event.

Pro Tip: Description is a rich text field, so you are not restricted to texts only. You should be able to add videos, upload a file, create a table, etc. (a string of options)

Next, upload the banner pictures you want for the Event on a laptop/desktop and on a mobile device using the fields Banner Image and Banner Image on the mobile.

You can also share images of the same Event from last year using the "Event Gallery Image" field.

Note: For the entire image to be visible, please upload it in the recommended size mentioned below the respective fields

If you have any queries or concerns about creating an Event on Almabase, reach out to us at

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