Privacy set up for events on Almabase addresses the following concerns

  • I would like to share additional details with my guests

  • I would like to restrict access to exclusive event details like event venue or zoom link to only approved registrants

  • I don't want specific details of my event visible to whoever comes to my events page

While you can restrict the registration just to logged-in users by turning OFF "Allow guests to register without logging in or signing up," the new privacy controls allow you to:

  • Set up events that are not dependent on login to maintain exclusivity

  • Publicize or list your events on an open/public platform but still host it as a private event with Almabase as your virtual security guard

How Does it Work?

  • We support three privacy levels -
    - Public
    - Show to all the Guests
    - Show only to Approved Guests

  • You can apply each of these privacy settings to the Event Venue and the latter two on Announcements. These details are then shared in the user's registration guest kit based on privacy settings.

  • While anyone could register for the event, they'd see specific key details only if their registration status matches the privacy settings.

Note: The public details of an event like the event date, description, subevent, and tickets will still be accessible to all, irrespective of the privacy setting.

Event Venue


NOTE: The option "Show only to approved Guests" will apply to Announcements only if the Venue is set at the same privacy level.

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