After we revamped our Fundraising module, we added the option to have an option to Give Back on Events.

Yes!! Now you can set up multiple funds on your Events for the event registrants to donate.

To enable donations to your event, all you need to do is add a Gift Ticket.
The steps are almost the same as setting up Payment Rules and Fund Options while creating a fundraising campaign on the platform.

Step 1

Under Event Settings, you will find an option to add a Gift Ticket.

Step 2

Fill in the following details-

  • Gift Name, 

  • Gift Description, 

  • Fund Designation - Only one fund can be linked to a gift ticket.

  • Minimum amount - This amount should be lesser than the smallest amount on the Quick Select Options

  • Turn on Publish to make it visible on the event page.

Here's how it look to the event guest while registering - 

Few points to note:

  1. Gift Tickets will not be added on the event unless there are other tickets (Seated, Mandatory, and Open) associated with the event

  2. Events with just Gift Tickets would seem like a campaign, so you can instead create a campaign page.

  3. Let's say if your event is free but you want the event attendees to make a donation, then create a free mandatory ticket and add a gift ticket.

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