Guest Kit is a unique link sent to a guest on the successful completion of the event registration.

This kit will have the following details in it -
1. Event Details - Event Name, Date, and Time

2. Option to set up a reminder for the event using Add to Calendar

3. Registration details - Guest Name, email address, tickets(if any), etc.

4. Event's Contact person details

5. Event Venue or Link

6. Announcement details regarding the event

Note: The visibility of the event venue details and Announcement depends on the privacy settings for the event.

Guest Kit

After successfully completing the registration, the guest will see the following message on the confirmation page.

They will also receive a confirmation email with the link to the guest kit.

Note: The only way a user can access their unique guest kit link later or on the day of the event is through the confirmation email or through their calendar (if they save it by clicking on Add to Calendar).

Write to us at in case of any queries.

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