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Understanding the Guest Kit

Learn more about the unique page crafted for each guest, encompassing essential event details.

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The Guest Kit is a distinct link dispatched to a guest after successfully registering for an event.

Contained within this kit are:

  1. Event Specifics: The name of the event, along with its date and time.

  2. Reminder Setup: An “Add to Calendar” option to set a reminder.

  3. Registration Information: Attendee name, email address, associated tickets, etc.

  4. Point of Contact: Details of the individual in charge of the event.

  5. Venue or Link: The event's location or virtual meeting link.

  6. Announcements: Pertinent updates about the event.

Remember: The display of venue details and announcements is governed by the event's privacy settings.

Upon wrapping up the registration, attendees will spot a confirmation message. Moreover, a confirmation email with the Guest Kit link will be in their inbox.

They will also receive a confirmation email with the link to the guest kit.

Important: To revisit the unique Guest Kit link later or on the event day, attendees should refer to the confirmation email or their saved event in their calendar (if they employed the “Add to Calendar” function).

For any further questions or assistance, please contact us at or through the Chat 💬. We are here to assist you! 😄

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