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Setting Up a Custom Directory on Almabase
Setting Up a Custom Directory on Almabase

Learn how to create a custom directory, including collecting information through forms and displaying it effectively.

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A Directory Page on Almabase

Setting up a Directory on Almabase involves two key processes:

  1. Collecting the necessary information via a form and then

  2. Displaying this information in a created and published directory.

Part 1: Collecting Information

The first step is gathering the information you want to list in the directory.

Step 1: Create a Form for Submissions

Create a form specifically for directory submissions.

Step 2: Add Fields to the Form

Incorporate fields in the form to collect details from users.

Note: The fields added here will be the ones displayed in the Directory.

Step 3: Enable Form Submissions

  1. Once the required fields are set up, turn the toggle ON to accept submissions.

  2. You're now ready to collect details from users.

Tip: Share the form via social media, email, or publish it on a page for better reach.

Part 2: Listing/Displaying the Information

Once you have the form set up for collecting information, the next step is to create a directory to display this information.

Step 1: Create a Directory

  1. On the admin panel, go to "Tools" > "Directories".

  2. Click on the plus icon to add a directory.

Note: If this option is not visible, contact your account manager or email us at

Step 2: Name the Directory and Select the Form

Enter a name for the directory and select the previously created form as the source for details.

Step 3: Configure Display Settings

  1. Choose which form fields to display in the Directory.

  2. Set up the summary view and other fields as needed.

Step 4: Preview & Embed

  1. Check the Preview & Embed tab to see how the directory will look once published.

  2. Note: If there are no form submissions yet, the preview will be empty.

  3. Click on one of the cards for a detailed view and reorder fields in the Settings tab if necessary.

Publishing the Directory

Once submissions begin via the form, you can publish the directory on a page.โ€‹

What's Next?

For any further questions or assistance, please contact us at or through the Intercom Chat ๐Ÿ’ฌ. We are here to assist you! ๐Ÿ˜„.

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