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There are two parts to the process of setting up a Directory on Almabase -

1. Collecting the information to list on the Directory by creating a form

2. Displaying the information by creating and publishing a directory.

Let's go on and understand how to go about each part in detail -

Part 1 - Collecting Information

You need to first, input or gather the information that you want to list on a directory.

You can do so using a form. We have a specific form category for Directories.

Step 1: Create a form to collect submissions for a directory.

Step 2: Add fields to the form to collect details from the user.
Note: The fields you add here will be displayed on the Directory.

Here's a sample form for users to share their stories.

Step 3: Once you have set up the required fields, turn ON the toggle to Accept Submissions.

You're now all set to collect details from the users 😃

Tip: Share the form through social media, email, or publish it on a page -

Part 2 - Listing/Displaying the information

I. Creating a Directory

After setting up a form to collect information, the next step is to set up a Directory to display it.

Step 1: In the admin panel search for Directories and click on it.
Note: If you don't see this option reach out to your account manager or email us at help@almabase.com.

Step 2: Click on Add Directory. Enter a name and select the form created to collect details as the source.

Step 3: Display settings are where you select the form fields to be displayed on the Directory.
a) Set up the summary view -

b) Set up other fields -

Step 4: Once fields to be displayed on the directory are set up, go to the Preview & Embed tab and check out how the directory will look once you publish it on a page.

Note: You will not see anything in the preview if there are no form submissions.

Click on one of the cards and you will see the detailed view.

If there are some fields you want to re-order, go back to the Settings tab and edit the Display settings.

II. Publishing the Directory

Once the users start sharing details through the form, you're good to publish the directory on a page.

If you need any help setting it up or if you have any questions at all, email us at help@almabase.com. We are here to help 😃 .

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