Publishing Your Directories

This article explores the two methods by which you can publish your directory on the web.

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Option A: Publish your directory within your Almabase platform

Publishing your directory within your platform is perhaps the quickest way to publish the directory.

After the setup is all done, get the URL for the directory by clicking on View on the platform.

The URL can then be added anywhere on the site. Preferably, the home page.

💡Pro-tip: Add the URL to the navigation menu or the banner on the site shared with anyone or be put on the navigation menu of the site.


Create a new page, or head over to an existing page you have already created. Add the content you want and add the directory using the widget option —

Once added, hit Save and you're good to go! Share the URL of the page or add it to the navigation menu.

Option B: Publish your directory on another content management system [Advanced]

The directories feature is designed to work well with other content management systems like WordPress, Webflow, or Square Space.

You may need to involve someone from your IT team, but all you need to do is paste the code snippet for your directory into your website. This option works well if you want to list resources like a staff/faculty directory on your school's website.

You can find the code snippet for your directory in the Preview & Embed section of your directory.

What's Next?

If you need any help setting it up or if you have any questions at all, email us at We are here to help 😃 .

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