Is there a way to send email to just one person? When I click on Compose Email I can only select email groups here, I cannot find a way to select just one person.

  • Our communication center is designed to send a bulk emails. That is the reason it asks to select a email group. But if you want to send email to a single person, the best way is to go to their profile page and click “Send message”
  • However, if you want to send rich text email like newsletters, there is an work around:
    Step 1: Go to data studio and select the profile of the person you want to send email to.
    Step 2: Click on Admin Actions > Communication Center > Send Email.
  • The system creates a temporary group and directs you to the Compose Email page.

Why does my email say - Waiting for Approval?

  • The emails sent through the platform are added to a queue, pending verification from our support team.
  • This is to restrict spam, as well to manage the queue - to ensure that  your email goes out correctly. If you have any urgency with an email, please give us a heads up before you send it out, at, and we’ll get this prioritized in the queue.

How to change the contact email address at bottom right corner of the home page?

Can the system handle “unsubscribes” for the people who opt out of our emails?

  • Yes, it can.
    Some people do not like to receive a lot of emails, and we respect that.
    There is an option to add an unsubscribe to every bulk email that is sent out.
  • If the person opts to Unsubscribe, he/she is redirected to a page, which asks for the reason to unsubscribe.
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