I want to change the content in the user verification, membership due, birthday emails or any other automated emails that goes out from the platform. Is that possible? If so, from where?

  • Yes, that's possible! In the admin panel search for Automated Emails. All the emails listed there can be edited by admins.
    While editing be careful not to edit the merge tags. It is the text within curly braces("{{...}}").

When I am trying to send an email, I get the following error message "Looks like there are invalid merge tags in the email content."I made changes to some of the content but unable to figure out what these merge tags are.

  • Merge tags are the text within the curly braces ("{{....}}"). This error occurs when the syntax for any of the merge tag in the email is incorrect.
  • For example:- For the merge tag {{school_name}}, if accidentally a curly brace is removed or if there is a slight change in the text say "schoolname" or "School_name", the tag won't work and lead to an error.
  • When you're trying to edit the font-size for the content, be careful not edit the font-size for the merge tag.
    That's because while doing that there is a possibility that only a part of merge tag gets edited and part of it remains as it is. This will cause the merge tag to be treated as a simple text rather than replacing it with the value it is linked to.

Can I select multiple email groups while sending an email?

  • No. Only one email group can be selected while sending an email.
  • Use the Replicate email feature, when you want to send the same email to another group.

I am unable to upload an email list. It doesn't show any error message.

  • There are 2 possibilities here
    i. The columns in the excel file are not named correctly or not in correct order.
    The columns of the file you upload should have exactly these names and in this exact order. "First Name", "Last Name", and "Email ID". This is a sample format.

    ii. The excel file might have some protection added to it. Any kind of protection will make the file size huge. and the file may not get uploaded. Just make a copy of the file and upload that.

When I click on email group members list, I can see that certain percentage of records will receive my email and some won't. Is there any way I can make more number of members to receive the email?

  • The records who won't receive the emails are with the email status -"Unsubscribed", "Hard Bounced", "Soft Bounced", "Invalid" or "Marked Spam".
  • For the records with email status as "Soft Bounced" change their email status to "Unknown" from data studio.
  • Here's how - filter out the profiles with email status "Soft Bounced".Select all the filtered out profiles and go to Update Info> Change Email Status
  • For records with email status - "Hard Bounced" or "Invalid" you need to change the email address for them.
  • For the records with email status - "Unsubscribed" or "Marked Spam", you can get in touch with the user to check why they opted to unsubscribe or mark the email as spam. Have a look at the FAQ below explaining how to re-subscribe if a user wants to opt back in.
    When the email address for a record is updated, the email status is automatically changed to "Unknown".
  • The user will see something like the following screen when clicked in Unsubscribe.
  • For ones who unsubscribe just from the email group can be seen under Unsubscribed Users.

I have received a reply from a user I recently sent an email to. I want to access his profile on the platform, but I cannot search via email address since the email address is masked in the reply I received.
Is there a way I can check the profile of the user?

  • In the reply you receive the email address of the user will be masked some what this way <john-doe-2@alumni.myschool.com>.
  • To look for the profile of the user, copy the text before "@" in the masked email address, in this case "john-doe-2".
    Paste it in the your alumni site URL in the following way -"alumni.myschool.com/profile/view/john-doe-2".
    You will get to the profile for the user who replied.

A user wants to re-subscribe to the emails, how do I add him back?

  • If a user has unsubscribed from all emails, then update his/her email status to "Unknown" from data studio.
  • If a user has unsubscribed from a specific email group, then remove that user from the Unsubscribed Users list (search for "unsubscribed users" on admin panel).

What do you mean by email status "Soft Bounced" and "Hard Bounced"?

  • Email Status "Soft Bounced" means that any email cannot be delivered to this particular address due to some temporary reasons.
    An inbox may be full or the email file might be too large, among other reasons.
  • Email Status "Hard Bounced" means that any email cannot be delivered to this particular address due to permanent reasons.
    There are lots of reasons, but the most common ones are that email address is invalid or fake, maybe the email domain isn't a real domain, or maybe the email recipient's server won't accept emails.
  • In case of soft bounces, it is recommended to continue to try to deliver the email over the period of a few days or weeks.
  • Click here to know what other email statuses mean.

Is there a way to send email to just one person? When I click on Compose Email I can only select email groups here, I cannot find a way to select just one person

  • Our communication center is designed to send a bulk emails. That is the reason it asks to select a email group. But if you want to send email to a single person, the best way is to go to their profile page and click “Send message”
  • However, if you want to send rich text email like newsletters, there is an work around:
    Step 1: Go to data studio and select the profile of the person you want to send email to.
    Step 2: Click on Admin Actions > Communication Center > Send Email.
  • The system creates a temporary group and directs you to the Compose Email page.

Why does my email say - Waiting for Approval?

  • The emails sent through the platform are added to a queue, pending verification from our support team.
  • This is to restrict spam, as well to manage the queue - to ensure that  your email goes out correctly. If you have any urgency with an email, please give us a heads up before you send it out, at help@almabase.com, and we’ll get this prioritized in the queue.

How to change the contact email address at bottom right corner of the home page?

Can the system handle “unsubscribes” for the people who opt out of our emails?

  • Yes, it can.
    Some people do not like to receive a lot of emails, and we respect that.
    There is an option to add an unsubscribe to every bulk email that is sent out.
  • If the person opts to Unsubscribe, he/she is redirected to a page, which asks for the reason to unsubscribe.

Are there any emails sent from Almabase on behalf of the school? 

  • No bulk emails are sent from Almabase to your platform users.
  • Only admins receive emails like Daily Engagement Report. and product updates.

Why am I not receiving emails in my inbox sent to my school's email address?

  • The reason for this could be that the platform's URL needs to be whitelisted in the school's network.
  • Please ask your IT team to whitelist the domain.

Can I change the criteria or the filter parameters I used to create an email group?

  • Query/criteria for an existing email group cannot be changed.

How do I add members to the existing email groups?

  • There are 2 ways -
  1. From Data Studio
    i. Go to data studio and select the users you want to add to the email group.
    ii. Select Admin Actions> Communication Center> Add records to an existing email group.

        iii. Select the email group from dropdown and hit Add Members.

2. From the Email Group
Go to Email Groups listing page.

 ii. Click on Edit group for the group you want to add members to.

 iii. In the Static members field, hit on Update button and select the user you want to add.

In the email I sent, the logo is not the one I set when composing it. While composing I could see the logo set by me, but after I send, it changes.Why so?

In the email templates given by Almabase (automated or others) the image placeholder which says "Your logo will appear here", a logo from backend is automatically picked when you send the email.

You're not able to see the image that you set for the email because the setting to pick up the logo from backend is still enabled.

Here's how you can disable it -

Is there a way I can send test emails for automated emails, just like we do for bulk emails? I want to test out how the email looks after I make some changes to it.

  • The automated emails cannot be tested out as easily as bulk emails.
  • The automated emails are set to be sent on a certain trigger.Like User Verification email goes out to the user, once an admin approves the users account or the birthday email goes out to a user on his/her birthday(as per the data on the platform).
  • So, only way to test an automated email is perform an action which would enable its trigger.

When I upload an email list, does it create a record on the platform for all of them in the list?

  • An Unlisted records will be created only if there is no account on the platform with the same email address.

I've a list of email addresses with no names and want to upload that as email list. How do I update it without the names?

  • You can just add "Fellow Alum" or "there" or anything you can think of in both First and Last Name columns.
  • The text you add in the First Name column is what is going to appear in the emails you send like - "Hi Fellow Alum" or "Hi there". So decide a placeholder for first name that fits best for your organization.
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