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Effective Mapping Touchpoints Practices

Learn how to reduce the number of unmapped touchpoints and accurately measure engagement.

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Effectively managing unmapped touchpoints is key to accurately measuring engagement on Almabase. Here are the best practices to ensure efficient and accurate mapping:

Managing Unmapped Touchpoints

  • Data Roadblocks Page: Utilize this page to view all unmapped touchpoints.

  • Steps:

    • Ignore irrelevant or old program touchpoints.

    • Use filters to focus on recent or specific program touchpoints. Prioritize those with 'Green mail symbols'. They are touchpoints that has an email address but not yet in the database.

    • Reconsider previously ignored touchpoints via the "Ignore" tab.

Resolving Conflicts

  • Conflict Resolution: When multiple records exist for the same person, prioritize the most recently updated or created record.

  • Duplicate Records: Archive duplicates in Data Studio to avoid future conflicts.

  • Creating New Records: Use the plus icon near the search bar to create a new record on Almabase if needed.

Minimizing Future Unmapped Touchpoints

  • Learning System: The system learns from your current mappings to auto-map similar touchpoints in the future.

  • Newfound Email Addresses: Add newfound email addresses to mapped records to help the system learn and reduce future unmapping.

If multiple unmapped touchpoints have the same email address, mapping one can automatically map the rest.

Regular Mapping for Accurate Engagement Metrics

  • Consistent Practice: Regularly mapping touchpoints is essential for an accurate measurement of how your members engage with your programs.

  • Future Program Planning: Accurate mapping informs better planning and execution of future programs.

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