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Q. One of the fields in the directory form is not visible on the Directory Page. Where can I check, and what changes are to be made?

  • There are two possible things to check to ensure that the desirable field is displayed. Go to the Display Settings in the Directory.

    • If the field is not added under Summary Settings, check under Other Details. Since it shows the labels added, make sure to click on each option to check. For example - 👇 here the field on the form is Add the link to the Yearbook here. However, it's displayed as Link to the Yearbook.

    • If the field is not added anywhere, you can click Select another field to show and add the field for display.

Q. How do I delete a submission from a directory created on Almabase?

To delete a submission from the directory, you need to go to the directory form for the directory by clicking the Manage form button 👇

Navigate to the Submissions section, select the submission you want to delete from the directory, and click the Delete button.

Once you delete the submission from the form, the corresponding entry in the directory will also be deleted.

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