Can I Change My Email After Signing Up?

Is it possible to change the login address for a user? How do I change the email address on the profile?

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Yes, the users can change their Log in Email Addresses after signing up to the platform.

They can now log in with any of the multiple email addresses on their profile. First, add the new email address to the profile by updating your profile, and then mark this email address as Allow login using this email. This will allow you to log in to your profile using the newly added email address.

Editing or Deleting an email address -

  • Email addresses once saved to a record, are un-editable. You have to delete the address and then add a new one (with the required changes).

For example, there could be situations, where the users have misspelled their email address, or maybe the email address added is no longer valid.

In such cases, users will not be able to edit the incorrect email address, it would require them to first delete it and then add a new one.

  • If the invalid or misspelled email address is the only email address on the profile, then the user will first have to add a new email address (explained above) and then delete the incorrect email address.

If there is more than one email address associated with a record, then which email address will receive the communications I send?

The email address which is marked as Primary will receive the communication.

This includes bulk emails as well as any notifications.

Note: As an administrator, you'll also receive our regular product updates and Daily Reports at this email address

Example: If you signed up on the platform with, you can go to your profile and insert additional emails, say, and
Now, since is marked as Primary, you will receive the communications on this id. However, you will be able to log in using any one of the three Emails added.

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