While you cannot change the email that you will log in with, you can change the email address on which you receive all the emails that are sent via the platform.
This includes bulk emails as well as any notifications.

As an administrator, you'll also receive our regular product updates, and Daily Reports on this email address.

You can change this by clicking Update Profile and then changing the email from the section on the left hand side.

NOTE: This changes only the ID for communication. You cannot change the address that you log in with. This address with went through a verification process when you signed up.

For instance, if you signed up with johndoe@gmail.com, you can still go to your profile and change the email there say, to johndoe@regencyacademy.org.
From now, all further emails via the platform will go to johndoe@regencyacademy.org but to sign in to the platform you'll still be using johndoe@gmail.com

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