What is "Email available temporarily"?

You might have seen that some have the status "Email available temporarily" against their email address in an email group.

It means that —

  • The email address is not added to the database or associated with any record on the platform yet.

  • The email address is available to only send communication via the email group to which it is added. You cannot use it to create any other email group.

  • You won't be able to track the engagement for the emails delivered to this address or any preferences of communication for it.

When will be an email marked as temporary?

  • New email addresses captured through Events, Forms, or Giving campaign are the ones that will be automatically marked as temporary.

  • An email address will be considered as a new address when it is are not present in the database or added to any record.

  • You cannot manually mark an email address as temporary.

How to change the status of such email addresses?

  • Either create a new record with that email address or add it to an existing record. The status will be automatically updated.

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