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Add Default Categories and Weightages to Your Touchpoints
Add Default Categories and Weightages to Your Touchpoints
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Touchpoints are an integral part of the Engagement Report. However, manually categorizing touchpoints could be time-consuming when multiple engagement activities are hosted simultaneously. So, we've added a few default categories and the weightage they carry for each touchpoint to automate this process.

To begin with, there are four engagement categories recommended by CASE, i.e.

  • Experiential

  • Philanthropic

  • Voluntary

  • Communication

(Refer to the CASE Whitepaper from 2018 for detailed definitions of these categories.)

You don't have to restrict yourself to the default categories; you always have the option to add custom categories that make more sense to your organization.

Ex: Webinars, Alumni Connect, Campus Activity, etc.

The table below shows the touchpoints, default categories & and the weightage value they carry.


Default Categories

Default Weightage points

Made a gift

Philanthropic, Experiential


Uploaded Tribute Image



Send 1 to 1 email



Registered for event



Clicked a link in a bulk email



Why should you add weightage to every category?

Weightages help you signify the value of the activities carried out by your community members. Touchpoints with higher weightages are always listed at the top of the Engagement Report, and the Daily Digest email sent to the site admins daily.

You can always adjust the value of default weightages according to your organization's preferences. Here's how you can do that πŸ‘‡

  • Go to the Customize tab on the Engagement Report. Select the program and touchpoint for which you'd like to change the default value.

  • Here, you'll have an option to adjust the weightage value according to your preferences.

πŸ“ Note: When you adjust the default weightage value on the Customize tab, this change will reflect on all the past touchpoints.

Overriding the default weightage value of a touchpoint at a program level

Weightage given to a touchpoint will differ based on the type of program the alum is engaging with. That's why overriding the default value of a touchpoint at the program level is crucial. Let's understand why with an example.

Alum "A" registers for an online event (webinar) with a touchpoint weightage of 60 points. On the other hand, Alum "B" registers for an in-person event for which the touchpoint weightage is still 60 points.

In the above example, Alum "B" has taken that extra step to engage with the organization's activities by registering for an in-person event. In this case, giving the activity a weightage of 60 points wouldn't be justified. That's why we strongly recommend overriding the default weightage value, depending upon the type of program the alum is engaging with.

Here's how you can do that πŸ‘‡

  • You can override the weightage value at the program level from the Touchpoints tab.

  • Any adjusted values for each program on the Touchpoints tab will retain the adjusted values for all the past and any future touchpoints.

Please contact us at or through the chat bubble πŸ’¬ if you have any questions.

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