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Migrate "Career Center - Jobs" to "Directories"
Migrate "Career Center - Jobs" to "Directories"

See how and why to migrate jobs from career center to Directories

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Adding Jobs and Internship through the Career Center feature will soon be discontinued. Everything will move to Directories.

Here we have explained —

Why move to Directories?

  1. For flexibility and control: The Career Center feature does efficiently list the job opportunities but is pretty rigid in terms of adding new filter options, adding/removing fields from the job submission form, etc.
    With Directories, you have complete control over the content side -

    1. what details to be asked or shown,

    2. what content gets published directly, and what has to go through a review before.

  2. Be able to measure success or engagement: Monitor how people are engaging with the content - searching, clicking, sharing, etc.

  3. Be alumni-centric: By analyzing and monitoring what they do, refine the content or the program further to cater to alumni needs.

  4. To maintain privacy/secured access: Allow access only to the relevant constituents.

Access allowed only to users with affiliation "Alumni"

What is the migration process?

All you have to do is drop a request to migrate at

Migration has to be done from the backend, and it takes at the most 2 days to complete.

Once done, all the jobs and internships would be moved, and the link to the Directory will be shared with you.

Note: The link to the old job board "" will be automatically redirected to the newly created Directory post-migration.

A Point to note

Follow and Apply options are not available on Directories.

Whoever is submitting the job can add an external link or an email address to apply for the job.

The resume can directly be submitted by the applicants to the employer, through this application link/ email address.

However, the Follow functionality is completely deprecated as of now.

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