We have seen a surge in the number of new emails being collected from various online alumni programs.

It was imperative for us to update our databases to support more than one email address for a constituent record.

So here are the changes we have done to support multiple emails

  • Each email address can now be assigned a type and be marked as Primary.

  • It is now important to know and capture the validity and preferences for each email address on the platform. We have more refined email statuses for that and additional properties linked to an address.

  • Now add email addresses from the duplicate record to the master record while merging profiles.

What remains the same?

  • Email communication from the platform will be sent only to one email address. The one marked as primary will receive all communication.

  • As of now, you can only upload one email address for a record through an email list upload. Reach out to us if you want to bulk upload more than one email address to a record.

Reach out to us at help@almabase.com in case of any queries.

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