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Syncing Events from Almabase to Raiser's Edge
Syncing Events from Almabase to Raiser's Edge

see how to push events data from Almabase to Raiser's Edge

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If you're looking to simplify the process of pushing your event data to Raiser's Edge NXT, you can find all the sync-related settings conveniently located under the Sync & Exports tab on your event's admin side.

Before we dive into how you can sync your event, let's look at the Prerequisites you need to complete to avoid errors while you sync.

Pre Requisites

  • Admin Permissions for the connected user

    Ensure that the connected user account has Environment Admin Access and Security Groups - Full Rights on Raiser's Edge NXT.

  • Ensure that all tickets have a fund associated with them.

    All tickets for the event need to have a fund associated with them in order to sync the data. You can assign a fund to the ticket from the Ticket settings section under the Fund designation field.

    Note: Please ensure that the fund you're adding to the ticket has a valid System record ID associated with it. The system record ID helps us link the fund on Almabase to the corresponding fund on RENXT.

  • Ensure that registrations are mapped to a record on Almabase

    All the registrations you receive for your event must be mapped to the respective record/profile on Almabase. This is mandatory only for the host registrant and not for the additional guests added by the host. (The Accompanying guests option lets you choose how to push the additional guest data)

    To map a registration to a record, you can head to the Guest Manager section and click on the Unmapped button shown in the screenshot below, select the correct record for the registrant and map the registration to it πŸ‘‡

    Note: Please ensure that the record you're mapping to the registration has a valid System record ID associated with it.

How to sync your event?

Events sync on Almabase provides different configurations in which you can sync your events to RENXT. In this section, we'll guide you through the events sync process step by step and explain the different configurations available for syncing your events. Let's dive in!

  • Step 1: Select a connected user

    The first step to syncing an event is to have a connection in place between Almabase and Raiser's Edge NXT. If you have set up Constituent Sync on your platform, you can use the same user as the connection for syncing events.

    The "Select a user account" field is a dropdown list that shows all the existing connections between the two systems. Select the connection you would like to use and click on the Test Connection button to ensure both systems are connected successfully.

    If you do not have a connection already in place, click on "Add a connection" from the dropdown. Follow this article for more information.

    Once you are connected successfully, refresh your screen, and the various configurations available will appear. The next step is to configure how your event data is pushed to Raiser's Edge NXT.

  • Step 2: Sync Configuration

    Sync Configuration includes options to select what data you want to sync and how to sync them. Let's take a closer look at these configurations πŸ‘‡

  • Ticket configuration

    Ticket payments and Gifts received for the event can be pushed to RENXT in five different configurations. By default, all five options will push the RSVP status, Registration date, and Participant level to Raiser's Edge NXT.

    The five options available are πŸ‘‡

    • All payments (tickets and gifts) are pushed as one gift

    • Ticket payments and Gifts are pushed as separate gifts

    • Each ticket payment and gift are pushed as individual gifts

    • Only RSVP status for guests

    • Only gifts (via gift tickets) are pushed.

    Each of these options is explained in the Ticket Configurations help article. Head to this article to see how your data would be added to RENXT when you use each of these Ticket configurations

  • Payment Configuration [Optional]

    If you use the Appeal, Package, and Campaign options on Raiser's Edge to track your gifts, this configuration is for you. You can simply click on one of the fields, and the dropdown options will show you all the values you have available on RENXT to select from.

  • Guest Configuration

    Listed below are the different options available under Guest Configuration.

    • Accompanying Guests

      When a registrant adds an accompanying guest to their registration, they may not have a constituent record on RENXT. The guest configuration option allows you to choose how to sync these guests to RENXT.

    • The two configurations available are πŸ‘‡

      • Sync guests even if there is no constituent record - This allows you to sync accompanying guest information even if there is no constituent record for the user on RENXT.

      • Don't sync guests if there is no constituent record - In this case, all additional guests have to be mapped to a record to sync them to RENXT.

  • Participation level (Optional)

    Every event registrant on RENXT has a Participation level associated with their registration. This dropdown field lists all the values for the participation level option available on your RENXT.

  • Note: `Attendee` will be the default value if no value is specified. If you choose not to specify a value for this field, please ensure that you have the "Attendee" option available as a participation level on RENXT.

  • Other Settings (Checkboxes)

    • Sync RSVP status for guests with pending payment - Events on Almabase collect the RSVP status for guests even if they could not complete their payment for the event. Check this option to sync the RSVP status for guests who have their payment pending.

    • Sync only new registrations - If checked, only new registrations will be pushed to Raiser's Edge. Already synced registrations will not be pushed even if they are edited.

      Note: Keep this option unchecked if you would like to sync new updates made to already synced registrations.

  • Event Configuration

    Event name on Raiser's Edge

    Event Configuration now includes a field for the Event's internal name, allowing you to input a separate name for the main event that will be created on Raiser's Edge when you sync the event.

    Sub-event Sync (Available on Events-Pro plan only)

    This configuration allows you to choose how your sub-events are pushed to Raiser's Edge NXT. The two options available are πŸ‘‡

    • Sync the main event and sub-events as a single event
      With this option, your main event and sub-events will be pushed as a single event to Raiser's Edge.

    • Sync the main event and sub-events as separate events

      With this one, the sub-event and the main event are listed as two separate events on Raiser's Edge.

      Note: When the second option is used, and sub-events are created as separate events on RENXT, the main event synced to RENXT will show all the registrations, and each sub-event will have a separate event created on RENXT and will only include the registrants who opted for that sub-event.

  • Step 4: Sync the event

    To sync the event data to RENXT, click on Sync Event, Ticket, and Guest Data πŸ‘‡

    Note: The events sync does not automatically push any data to RENXT. The admin needs to click on this button each time they want to sync new registration on an event.

    That's it! The sync will start, and the following data will be pushed to Raiser's Edge.

  • Event Data β€”

    • Event Name

    • Event Start Date and End Date

    • Ticket Name and Amount

    • Number of Participants for the Event

    • Number of tickets sold

  • Registrant Data β€” As per the configuration selected

    • RSVP status

    • Registration date

    • Number of tickets purchased (even the tickets purchased for the accompanying guest)

    • The amount paid for tickets and gifts (based on the ticket configuration)

    • Check-in status

  • Sync Status

    Syncing your event may take a few minutes if you have a lot of registrations for your event. To track the progress of syncing, you can use the Sync Status section πŸ‘‡

    You can also find a table with the list of registrants for the event and their individual sync status πŸ‘‡

  • Errors & Warnings

    Syncing your event without completing the Prerequisites leads to errors, but these errors can be easily fixed by clicking on the Fix Issue button shown on the error message.

Remove Ticket and Guest data.

  • This button allows you to correct your mistakes by removing all the guest and ticket data from your synced event on RENXT.

You might realize after you sync your event that you made the incorrect choice for one of the configurations and want to sync with a different one. In such cases, you can click on this button, and it will remove all the purchased ticket data and guests from the synced event on Raiser's Edge NXT.

Once all the guests are removed, you can change the configuration and sync again.

Reach out to in case you have any questions or suggestions.

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