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FAQs on Communication Center

Find answers to common questions about features related to the Communication Center, helping users manage automated emails, and more.

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How can I edit automated emails like user verification or donor thank you emails?

  • Go to 'System emails setup' via the Admin Panel.

  • Edit the email content but avoid altering merge tags, which are in curly braces (“{{...}}”).

What are merge tags and why am I getting an error about them in my email?

  • Merge tags are placeholders in curly braces (“{{...}}”) replaced with specific data when emails are sent.

  • Errors occur if there's a syntax mistake in these tags, like missing braces or incorrect text.

Is it possible to select multiple email groups for a single email?

  • You can only select one email group at a time for sending emails.

  • Use the “Replicate email” option to send the same email to different groups.

Why can't I upload my email list?

  • Ensure column names and order in your Excel file match the required format: "First Name", "Last Name", and "Email ID". Here is a sample format.

  • Check for any protection on the file, which might prevent uploading.

Can I change the "Replies will go to" email after sending a bulk email?

How can I ensure more members receive my emails?

  • Emails with the following email status won't receive an email:

    • Unsubscribed

    • Hard Bounced

    • Soft Bounded

    • Invalid

    • Marked Spam

  • You can reset the email status of those with 'Soft Bounced' to 'Unknown' from the Data Studio.

  • For those with 'Hard Bounced' or 'Invalid', change the email for them.

  • For those with 'Unsubscribed' and 'Marked Spam', the only way is to reach out to the users directly and enquire why.

  • Adjust the email status of records with “Soft Bounced” to “Unknown” in Data Studio.

  • Update email addresses for records marked as “Hard Bounced” or “Invalid”.

  • Reach out to users who have “Unsubscribed” or marked emails as “Spam”.

When an email address for a record is updated, the email status changes to 'Unknown'.

Does the system handle email unsubscribes automatically?

The system includes an unsubscribe option in all bulk emails. Users can unsubscribe and provide a reason for their choice.

What happens when a user clicks the Unsubscribe link in an email?

Users are directed to a screen for unsubscribing and providing a reason.

Those who unsubscribe from an email group are listed under Unsubscribed Users.

How do I add an "Unsubscribe" link to my email?

  1. Left-click on any section in the email draft.

  2. Select the “Special Links” option

  3. Add the “Unsubscribe” link.

How can I access a user's profile from a masked email reply?

  • Copy the text before "@" in the masked email (e.g. “john-doe-2”).

  • Paste it into your alumni site URL like “”.

Can I delete an email group I created by mistake?

  1. Select “View Group” under “More Actions”.

  2. Uncheck the “Active” box and save changes.

How do I re-subscribe a user who wants to receive emails again?

  1. Go to “Communication Center” followed by “Unsubscribe Users” in the admin panel.

  2. Delete the user from the unsubscribed list to resubscribe them.

Can I send emails to just one person?

  • The communication center is meant to send bulk emails hence why it always ask for an email group to be selected.

  • To send to a single person

    • Use the “Send Message” option on their profile page for individual emails.

    • For rich text emails, create a temporary group via Data Studio and use the “Send Email” action.

Why is my email marked as "Waiting for Approval"?

Emails are queued for system verification to prevent spam and manage sending. Contact us at for urgent email prioritization.

How to change the contact email at the bottom of the home page?

  1. Go to “Site Settings” » “Primary Info” » “Primary Communication Reply Email (Reply To)”.

  2. Update the contact email address here.

This is the email address to which a reply is sent out for automated emails sent from the platform. Also known as Primary Communication ID.

Are there any emails sent from Almabase on behalf of the school?

No bulk emails are sent to platform users by Almabase. Only admins receive certain emails like Daily Engagement Reports and product updates.

Why am I not receiving emails sent to my school's email address?

Ensure your school's network allows the platform's domain URL. Ask your IT team to add the domain to the allowed list.

Can I change the criteria for an existing email group?

Criteria or filters for an existing email group cannot be modified.

Why is the logo in my sent email different from what I set?

Almabase email templates automatically pick a backend logo upon sending.

To disable it, check out the image below.

Is it possible to send test emails for automated emails?

Automated emails are triggered by specific actions, making direct testing difficult. Test by performing an action that triggers the automated email.

Does uploading an email list create records on the platform?

New records are created only for email addresses not already listed on the platform.

How can I upload an email list with no names?

  • Use a placeholder like “Fellow Alum” in both First and Last Name columns.

  • The text in the First Name column appears in emails (e.g., “Hi Fellow Alum”).

Why is the ‘reply to’ address in test emails my personal email?

  • The system uses the email address you logged in with as the default “Reply to” address.

  • Log in with the preferred email address to change this.

How do I attach a file to an email in the Communication Center?

In the Compose tab, open the draft and select “Add an Attachment”.

Note the 7 MB file size limit for attachments.

Where can I update the social media links in email templates?

  1. Go to “Templates” in the Communication Center.

  2. Update URLs in the Social Media handle content box of relevant templates.

How do I add a vertical line between two text blocks in the email editor?

There's no straightforward way to add a vertical line. However, as a workaround, you can add a left or right border to the two text boxes. Here's how 👇🏽

Please write to us at or through the Intercom Chat 💬 if you have any queries or concerns😄.

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