Why am I unable to update the event start date? I am trying to select a date, but it is not selectable(greyed out)

  • This is probably because you are trying to select a date which is after the end date set for the event.
    Try to change the End Date first and then update the Start Date.

How do I add a file/image to the event description?

  • Just drag and drop the file to the description box.

Why am I unable to add a gift ticket to my event?

  • It's probably because, you haven't added a payment account to the event.
    Add an account and you should be able to add the gift ticket.

I am unable to save a ticket.

  • No two tickets can be of same name. It's probably because of this you are unable to save the ticket.

I want to send email notifications on event registration or any changes in registrations to only few admins and not all of them. How do I do that?

  • In the field "Send Notifications to" under Guests & Registrations, enter the email addresses you want to send notifications to on registrations or any changes in registrations for the event.

  • If no email addresses are entered the notification goes to all the site admins and event admins.

Can I associate same ticket to more than one sub event?

  • If you want to associate tickets with the sub events, it is advisable to have a separate ticket for each of them.
    While you can choose the same ticket, but the user won't be able to purchase different number of tickets for those sub events.

  • For example, you add same ticket for the sub events Dinner, and Lunch.
    Now, if a user wants two tickets for lunch and 3 for dinner, that won't be possible.
    Also, if he/she wants tickets only for lunch, even that won't be allowed.

Why do I see multiple payment options like, record offline payment, pay later, etc.? I want only the online payment option.

  • These options are visible only to the admins when they are adding a guest to the event.

Can I change the registration dropdown options? I don't understand why do we have these three options and not just one to register.

  • These options can't be changed.

  • They are a standard practice on most of the event platforms, including Facebook.

  • With the "Might attend" option we can also capture the response from the folks who might be hesitant to commit but were interested in the event.

  • Having the options "Might attend" and "Won't be attending" will also help us capture the details like name and phone number of these people.
    Using this you can potentially reach out to them and get more information.

How do I delete a guest from the event?

  • Deleting a guest from the event is not possible, you can only cancel their registration, so that they do not appear in the guest list.

Why am I unable to update ticket details?

  • Once the ticket is purchased, its price and type cannot be changed.
    All the other ticket details like is name, tickets per user, total number of ticket, etc. can be updated.

  • If you want to edit the price and type you need to cancel the registration of the guests who purchased that ticket.

Can the discount codes be edited even after it has been used by some of the guests for registration?

  • Unlike ticket details, the discount codes can be edited anytime, even after it has been used by registrants.

How do I delete an event?

  • Only the event without any registrations, can be deleted, even if the event is a free one, with or without associated with tickets.
    Once a user has registered for the event, it(event) cannot be deleted.

  • To hide the event from the user unpublish it.

  • The option to delete an event is in the Event Settings under Other Settings.

Can I restrict the event to be visible only to the verified users, or based on certain affiliation or membership type?

  • We only have restrictions on event registrations based on
    - Logged in
    or non-logged in users and
    - Groups
    Also, in the later one, we show the event only to the group members.

One of my event is not visible to some the users. What could be the reason for this?

  • This is probably because who have selected a group in the field Show this event only within certain affinity groups under Event Settings.

The event will be visible only to the admins and the members of the group.

I have set up the event such that only registered users can sign up for the event but the users who are not yet approved can still register for the event.
How do I restrict that?

  • With the setup you have done any user who has registered on the platform can sign up for the event.
    There is no way to restrict it to only approved users.

  • This is because, we've observed that if we keep the users waiting till their profile gets verified then it will affect the chance of they signing up for the event.

    However, we understand that admins need to have control on the process. For this, we've provided flexibility for admins where they can cancel any event registration if they like.

If you have any questions at all, please reach out to us at help@almabase.com

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